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The blog of the County Archaeological Research Team, part of the Archaeology and Collections Branch of the Fairfax County Park Authority, conducting ongoing  ...

Affiliate Marketing Tips for Your eCommerce Business

Since the firm is keen on minimizing costs to maximize profits, triggered emails cut back on the cost of having to employ people to respond to each and each email from the clients. The following six ideas are thus some of the essential triggered email strategies to maximize e-commerce sales. Read the rest of this entry » →


Blog about CS-Cart shopping cart features, conversion tools, and selling online.

6 Essential Triggered Email Strategies for E-commerce

Aerial survey: A surveying adjustment that locates archaeological sites from the air involving primarily aerial photography. Aerial survey is one adjustment that can reveal detailed advice without disturbing the ground.


Most blogs don't allow you to sell things out of the box. You'll need to install a shopping cart or eCommerce plugin to list products and accept payments.

The Key Benefits of Having an eCommerce Mobile App

Email-based marketing is a robust sales and marketing tools in a business that is keen on improving its online presence. A great tool for online shops that is dependent on both new and returning customers to increase its sales. A huge customer base would have sparked the need for triggered emails to address various elements of the e-commerce process.


Get the best marketing ideas to boost sales and learn the most important X-Cart news in our eCommerce blog.

4 Common Ecommerce Marketing Myths (and Realities)

Absolute dating: The calculation of age in exact calendar years of an object or event. It is also referred to as chronometric dating. Absolute dating can often be achieved through accurate processes such as carbon-14 dating and dendrochronology, dated artifacts such as a coin, or the historic record.

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5 Storytelling Trends Marketing Leaders Should Know About

CART has recovered a variety of refined white earthenware ceramics with stylized decorative edges. On a recent project at the Hidden Pond Nature Center , abundant of these ‘edged’ ceramics were discovered. The Hidden Pond specimens likely date from the early- to mid-nineteenth century; however, ‘edged’ wares enjoyed a long aeon of popularity and occur on sites that date from the late eighteenth and throughout the nineteenth centuries. Archaeologists apply a variety of terms to these ‘edged’ wares. Here at the Fairfax Archaeology and Collections Branch, we call them shell edge. For more information on these wares, see our blog column “Shell Edge.”

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C.A.R.T. Archaeology

Even Further Reading: CART Archaeology’s The Ball Clay Tobacco Pipe, Drayton Hall’s What is it? Mt. Vernon’s ‘The Best Kind of Long Ones:’ Tobacco Pipes from the Midden Odyssey’s Virtual Museum’s Clay Tobacco Pipe – TD style


6 Benefits of Creating a B2B Online Marketplace

Old Colchester Park and Preserve has several archaeological sites. The aqueduct bowl above was recently recovered from the site that CART unofficially refers to as “cemetery.” While there is a cemetery, we are not excavating any of the actual cemetery. The area we were best recently digging was a large structure and outbuilding, best likely a detached kitchen that doubled as slave housing, with a cemetery in close proximity.

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