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May 18, 2019 ... She has that signature Ulmer/Cart baby wild hair. It's as though we stick her finger in an electrical outlet each evening, but a bath is all she ...

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I can picture you sighing and gently smiling as you apprehend that sentence, as you accept noted that that is the sentiment of all of my birthday letters to you: the onslaught of time juxtaposed by the sweetness of the present. Because, yes, you’ve now apprehend this here blog, and all of the letters. And that is what I dreamed you’d do. And here we are, a decade later, and the very words I wrote for you above all others are being processed and understood and apprehend by your very eyes. It is a wonder to behold you grow into a person who can now chronicle to her mother in this way. I so adore this stage. I so adore you.


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In American Artifacts of Personal Adornment, 1680-1820: A Guide to Identification and Interpretation, Carolyn White emphasizes that “Glass chaplet were fabricated using multiple different processes, and each generated a bean with particular physical characteristics” (White 2005). These physical characteristics are studied closely, and comparative assay is used to classify bean types based on their accomplishment techniques and then by color, shape, size, and any unique attributes. Historic bottle chaplet were manufactured using one of two traditional methods which create either a drawn bean or a wound bead. The manufacture of drawn chaplet results often in a tubular bean shape, although it may be rounded. If a bean is drawn, the bean will accept straight bottle fibers and will often accept air bubbles arresting in the glass. Drawn chaplet were created by affixing aqueous bottle to the end of an adamant blowing rod and blowing a bubble into the aqueous glass. Another rod would then be attached to the opposite ancillary of the aqueous bottle and two individuals would walk the rods in opposite directions to draw the bottle into a long tube. When the bottle cooled, it would be burst into smaller segments and shaped into beads. Alternatively, the adjustment used to manufacture wound chaplet typically results in a annular or oval shape with annular bottle fibers and will often accept rounded air bubbles arresting in the glass. Each of these chaplet are fabricated alone which allows for a wide variation in design. Wound chaplet were formed by wrapping aqueous bottle around a wire which results in tell-tale coils that were formed during each turn of the glass. When viewed under a microscope, the coiling inside of the bottle is often arresting in wound chaplet recovered from archaeological contexts. After the bottle has cooled, the bean is removed from the wire and the ends are shaped. You can watch a video shared by the Corning Museum of Bottle detailing several techniques for bottle bean authoritative here!

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To start the cataloging process, a cataloger must first verify that the object is indeed a bead. According to A Short Dictionary of Bead Terms and Types, a bead is “An object designed to be strung (usually with a perforation, but also with a loop or, rarely, a groove) and beat as personal adornment” (Francis 1979). After identifying and acceptance that the object is a bead, it is important to determine the material of the bead. Chaplet have been made from material such as metal, bone, ceramic, shell, and so forth but typically glass chaplet are found in historic contexts. Glass is the most common bead material type identified in collections recovered from Fairfax County Parks. Because glass chaplet are more common here compared to chaplet made of different material, CART archaeologists follow a connected set of guidelines to added categorize glass beads.


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After determining whether the bean was drawn or wound during manufacture, the overall shape and then the end shape of the bean are described. Glass chaplet encompass a variety of shapes such as round, oval, tube, flat, and discus to name a few. Their shapes are compared to a list of catalog images and sorted by similarity. The bean ends may have been rounded, arena flat, or left rough and unfinished. Rounded ends are generally the result of heat treating the bean during accomplish while arena ends occur by cutting or grinding the ends of the bead. This method sometimes leaves marks visible on the bean surface unless the edges are heat treated.


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In addition to describing the chaplet overall shape, any special arrangement or decorative elements are accurate in the most descriptive way possible. A bean might be described as “Red on black” or “Blue stripes on white” or “Red outer layer, black inner layer.” The blush of the glass is bent by animated a light through the bean to see its true blush which is then compared to standardized colors in the Munsell Bean Blush Book so that the exact blush may be cataloged. While animated a light through the bead, its opacity is also observed. The level of opacity is assessed by observing how much light shines through the bead. Opacity is categorized as either transparent, translucent, or opaque. Finally, bean dimensions are measured with calipers on a millimeter scale and it is noted whether the bean is whole or broken. All this information will later be entered into our artifact database which allows us to search for data on specific artifacts or characteristics.

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While walking through the Objects of Wonder exhibit at the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History, there is a display advantaged Glass Time Machines that consists of several beads recovered through archaeological excavation from Fairfax County. Reflecting on Archaeological Laboratory Volunteer Emiko Takeuchi’s discovery of a tiny glass “seed” bead in our blog post “Digging Through the Little Things”, one might not realize that a lot occurs between the moment of finding a bead and back it is displayed in an exhibit or stored for approaching research. Emiko mentions in her blog that the bead she discovered while picking was so small that it was necessary to use a microscope to identify what the object was. A microscope can be acute for identifying and verifying miniscule objects, as well as belief the objects morphology, or appearance and form. At CART, we examine every aspect of a bead during our cataloging process. This allows the bead to be thoroughly documented so that its information can be easily accessed by staff and researchers.

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I think often about your access into our lives, so anon (simultaneously!) on the heels of our marriage. Of course you were with us over a decade ago as your amoroso and I began our ancestors atop that soggy mountain in front of all our ancestors and friends. Of course you’ve been with us every footfall of the way. You accept made this life more rich, more meaningful, and more, just so much more. We are endlessly grateful you began back you did, and accept aggressive every element of our lives since. It is the rightest of right things that has ever happened to me. And it laid the groundwork for this now full and anarchic and wonderful household in which you live. I can’t imagine our ancestors any other way. I wouldn’t want it any other way.

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