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5 Artificial Intelligence Trends to Watch Out for in 2019

Planviews can also be utilized in larger scale drawing or something more complex like a stone foundation or a brick floor. When a large feature like a cellar is found, the group of test units surrounding that feature can become too large to use a camera to record it. When this happens a planview is created to accurately map the feature in a way that would be very difficult to access via a photograph. Sometimes there are test units that contain lots of rocks or artery making a more complex image, planviews are one of the best ways to ensure that the measurements are recorded correctly.

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CS-Cart "Power Blog" add-on

The second type of drawing is called a profile. A contour follows the same idea as a planveiw drawing, only think of a contour like a face of a building, it is a map that shows the layering within a analysis unit’s walls. These walls can be just as important as the base of a analysis unit because profiles are the best way to show the stratigraphy an archaeologist encountered while excavating a unit. The action of mapping a contour is similar to that of a planview, but vertical as able-bodied as horizontal abstracts are recorded. Subtle soils changes, plowscars, pit features, or types of soils staining indicating depth can be seen in the walls of a analysis unit. Vertical abstracts are taken by measuring down from a known elevation or datum. At CART this is usually done using a line level and a chaining pin.


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C.A.R.T. Archaeology

The process of mapping a analysis unit is often simple, although sometimes it can be much more complex. Here at CART our archaeologists use a scale in centimeters since we admeasurement our analysis units by the meter. We use the squares of a grid on a piece of blueprint paper to represent a certain measurement on the ground. The area that each square represents varies depending on the scale being used. A 1×1 meter analysis unit fits easily onto the folio where one inch of blueprint paper represents 20 centimeters forth the analysis unit. By allotment points within analysis unit, shapes of the features like soil stains and stones can be drawn accurately. There are two main types of drawings done in the field: planviews and profiles.


The blog of the County Archaeological Research Team, part of the Archaeology and Collections Branch of the Fairfax County Park Authority, conducting ongoing  ...

7 Steps How to Perform an Analysis of Your Ecommerce Data

Over the past several years, business owners have become more aware of interchange fees, and how they impact their business. I’m a huge proponent of this because it has forced greater accountability in the payments industry, and empowered businesses to ascendancy costs and negotiate their processing fees more effectively. Even admitting interchange is generally better […]

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12 Best Customer Feedback Tools: An Overview

Trying to pick the best acclaim card processing company can be overwhelming. This is particularly true when you are a new small business owner who has never even heard of a “merchant account” prior to ambience up everything you need to get your business running. The reality is that even the most seasoned CEOs can […]

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Why Choose a Turnkey Solution for an Online Store over Creating a Custom Platform

A planview drawing is essentially a to-scale image of what the area such as a analysis assemblage looks like from above. A planview drawing is similar to a roadmap, showing the horizontal boundaries of things often within a particular analysis assemblage or feature. When the clay at the base of the excavation contains subtle color and texture changes the best way to record this is through drawings and lots of notes about what you see! Photos aren’t the best tool to show depth or changes in elevation or clay texture within the unit, but drawings allow for those sorts of differences to be added with a key so that others can understand what is being represented.


Celebrating Our Customers’ Success

Recording field notes is one of the most important things archaeologists do in the field. Field notes often represent the final almanac of what was excavated, as archaeological excavation is an inherently destructive process. Along with written descriptions of what archaeologist’s find and see, visual records, such as photographs and calibration drawings, are equally important. The process of drawing or mapping is a clear and precise way to accurately almanac an area such as a test unit or feature in a way that gives the archaeologist more control than a photograph alone. Photos can be a great tool to quickly almanac a lot of visual data in the field but they can be blurry, washed out from the sun, or agee at a strange angle. Drawn maps allow the archaeologist to create a representation that annal exactly what they see in the field.

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